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All-in-One digital marketing tool tailored for your business

We help businesses and marketing teams through AI solutions.


Agency expertise, without the agency

100% customized agency-level tools and training accessible 24/7 directly from your laptop.

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Cut down on external dependencies and costs while elevating your marketing game to new heights.

$24K/year average savings

Higher conversion rates compared to marketing efforts that are not data-backed.

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Each tool is individually tailored and set up for your business with how-to guides.


Customized AI-powered tools to skip the Agency without loosing the expertise

Our customized toolset empowers businesses with in-house, fully automated, ultimate self-service digital marketing expertise, always on, always ahead.

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Online Ads

Generate ad creatives that help you sell. Fast.

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Customer Service

24/7 AI customer service for your business.

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Copywriter Pro

Write compelling content for your brand.

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& Funnels

Automated email marketing solution.

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Graphic Design

Create designs with done-for-you  templates.

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No-code website management. Good bye developers.

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Social Media

Master the social media game with automations.

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Marketing Plans

Tailored yearly marketing planning.

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Why is story ultra your way forward?

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Saving without loosing quality

Many businesses rely on external agencies for their digital marketing needs, incurring substantial monthly expenses. Many marketing managers have a high dependency on creative agencies or web developers for content, graphic design and website updates. 

This recurring cost can be a significant burden, especially for startups and small businesses. We understand the challenges small and medium-sized businesses face in managing marketing costs while striving for growth. Our solution empowers businesses to become self-sufficient in their digital marketing efforts.

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Don't miss out on the chance to transform your business with the latest in AI-powered marketing.

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