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8 March 2023
Senior Leadership Event by the Civil Service College

The Event

Kimpton Seafire
8 March 2023
08:00 am

Employee Engagement – it’s all about how the employee feels about their organization. But why is this important?

Employees who feel connected to their organization work harder, stay longer and motivate others to do the same. They want to go above and beyond. This leads to increased productivity, better team cohesion and happier customers.

In this senior leadership event, we will have valuable input from local leaders together with two international speakers who will explore what it takes to drive engagement and what a difference it can make to your teams, and your department, and to advancing our journey to become a World-Class Civil Service.

Keynote Speakers


Mike Abrashoff

Mike brings common sense advice for senior leaders in breaking through the red tape, the hierarchy and making things happen.   

At 36, he was the most junior commanding officer in the Pacific fleet.   The challenges of this underachieving destroyer were staggering, with low morale and the highest turnover rate in the Navy.  Few thought the ship could improve. Yet 12 months later it was ranked #1 in performance - using the same crew.  How did Mike do it?  By replacing command and control leadership with commitment and cohesion. 

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Louis Gravance

He is often referred to as “the guy that can make the Disney service concepts work outside of Disney.”

Louis Gravance, Keynote: Service is a superpower - Employee engagement and the paradigm shift from “come be part of something bigger” to “what’s in it for you”. From over 25 years at the Walt Disney Company, Louie enjoyed a distinguished career with Disney theme parks, designing everything from live-entertainment experiences to customer service training programs through the Disney Institute in Orlando Florida.

Highlights from Senior Leadership Event in May 2022
the event

The Agenda

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About CSC

The Civil Service College provides learning and development opportunities with the aim of building capability across the Civil Service.


Learning and development are aligned to the Civil Service’s core competency of “building capability” and it provides two essential ingredients for organisational success. Firstly, it provides civil servants with the knowledge and skills they need to undertake their roles effectively, even when these roles are required to evolve to meet new challenges arising within our community. Secondly, it ensures continual professional development and increases access to opportunities for progression and advancement.


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