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19 May 2022
Senior Leadership Event
by the Civil Service College

The Event

Marriott Beach Resort
19 May 2022
08:00 am

The last couple of years have presented challenges for leaders across the world caused by the global pandemic.  In the Cayman Islands, we have been more successful than most.  But as the world regains its focus on climate change, and conflict rages between Russia and Ukraine impacting global energy prices and food supply, we will be faced with new challenges over the coming weeks, months and years. 


Leading through constant change, especially when there is no clear path and we are not in complete control of what comes next can be exhausting.  Helping and supporting our teams in the face of uncertainty or lack of clarity adds to the challenge.  History shows us that those who focus on “bouncing back” or returning to the “old normal” don’t tend to last long.  Yet leaders who can adapt and focus on creating confidence and vision that leads to building a “new normal” tend to thrive and be successful. 


Significant events and crises can therefore become the burning platform for change and as long as we remember to take care of ourselves and focus our energies on inspiring and engaging our people, we have the potential to continue our journey towards World Class at pace. 


In this senior leadership event, we have a local case study and input from local experts together with two international speakers who will inspire us to take action as we start to create the new vision and build the new normal.

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The Agenda



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