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The Future of Online Shopping: Virtual Try-Ons and AI

In the age of e-commerce, shopping has become a predominantly online affair. Yet, for many, the experience of trying on clothes in a physical store – the instant ability to assess a piece's fit, colour, and style – is irreplaceable. Recognizing this gap, advancements in AI technology are striving to transform online shopping, aiming to replicate, and perhaps even surpass, the in-store experience.

As part of this evolution, new features are being launched to bring the fitting room directly to you. The groundbreaking concept of Virtual Try-Ons for apparel powered by generative AI is here to change the game. Alongside this, new filtering tools have been developed to ensure you find precisely what you're looking for, creating a seamless and satisfying shopping experience.

The universal agreement among online shoppers is that judging how clothes will fit without trying them on is a significant challenge. According to recent research, 42% of online shoppers don't feel represented by images of models, and 59% have expressed dissatisfaction because the clothes they bought online looked different on them than expected.

Addressing this concern is the newly introduced Virtual Try-On feature. This innovative tool uses generative AI to show how clothes would appear on an array of real models, from sizes XXS to 4XL, representing different skin tones, body shapes, ethnicities, and hair types.

The mechanism is straightforward yet powerful: the AI model takes a single image of a piece of clothing and accurately depicts how it would look on different models – including the way it would drape, fold, cling, stretch, and form wrinkles and shadows. This move not only revolutionizes online shopping but also promotes inclusivity and diversity.

Currently available for U.S. shoppers, the Virtual Try-On feature is compatible with women's tops from various brands, including Anthropologie, Everlane, H&M, and LOFT. Products with a "Try On" badge on Search will provide the option for the user to try on the item virtually, selecting the model that resonates most with them.

Integrated with the Shopping Graph – the world's most comprehensive dataset of products and sellers – this technology is primed to expand to more brands and items over time. Look forward to more options coming to the Virtual Try-On feature, including the introduction of men's tops later this year.

In essence, the advent of Virtual Try-Ons represents a leap forward in the e-commerce landscape. By embracing AI, the online shopping experience is becoming more personalized, accurate, and inclusive – a move that is likely to satisfy even the most discerning shoppers. Get ready to say goodbye to the days of uncertainty and hello to a new era of online shopping.

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