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Google for Education Hub: A Revolutionary Tool for Enhanced Learning

Google for Education is known for its relentless dedication to making education accessible and engaging. They have consistently strived to ensure that students are always at the centre of their initiatives. Recently, at ISTE 2023, Google took another leap forward in their mission to transform education by announcing the launch of the newly designed Education App Hub​.

The Education App Hub is an evolution of the Chromebook App Hub that was launched four years ago. Over time, the App Hub expanded to incorporate education-specific content, aiding and inspiring teachers with applications tested and proven to work seamlessly with Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education. The revamped Education App Hub aims to highlight the most useful app integrations available for Chromebooks and Workspace for EDU.

Key Features of the Education App Hub

The landing page for the App Hub features 25 applications that offer at least one of the following three features: Classroom add-ons, School Information System (SIS) integrations, and app licensing.

  1. Classroom Add-ons: This feature makes it easy to find, add, use, and grade content from popular EdTech tools like Pear Deck, Kahoot!, and IXL, right within Google Classroom.

  2. SIS Integrations: SIS integrations can help save time on administrative tasks. You can automatically create classes and update class rosters at scale with Clever, or keep grades up-to-date and synced with the help of partners like Skyward, Follett Aspen, and Infinite Campus.

  3. App Licensing: This new system takes the hassle out of the license management process. Where before, admins would have to purchase and manage apps independently. You can now buy the apps directly from developers, then distribute those licenses to students and teachers and track usage via the school directory in the Google Admin console. Google has partnered with seven app developers, including Adobe Express, Concepts, ExplainEverything, Figma, LumaFusion, Squid, and WeVideo, to bring app licensing to all interested schools​.

The star of the updated App Hub is undoubtedly the new App Licensing system, which allows schools to purchase directly from the app developer while still managing the integrated apps via the Google Admin Console. The Education App Hub is available to educators, IT admins, students, and parents alike. For app developers interested in the new app licensing system or in building apps for education, further information is available on the Google Developer’s website.

The launch of the Education App Hub marks a significant milestone in Google's commitment to providing innovative and intuitive educational tools. It promises to be a game-changer in the educational technology sector, offering a streamlined experience for teachers and students, reducing administrative tasks, and making premium educational apps more accessible.

Please note that the information provided above was obtained from a secondary source. For more precise details, we recommend referring to the original blog post from Google.

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